Step 2: Working with a Realtor


Working with an agent when you’re ready to make the jump into homeownership is very important. Buying a home is a HUGE purchase so having a professional to help educate and guide you through the process is the best advice I could give. 

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Your agent is the Expert. Your agent is the person who knows the process from start to finish, our job is to help you make educated decisions based on our own knowledge of the industry and the market. There are so many moving parts during the home buying process and most likely you have no idea what you’re doing so trust us to guide you. It goes beyond writing an attractive offer or negotiating the best price. Trust that your agent will take care of you and don't be afraid to ask questions. That's what we're here for!


When you’re ready to buy a home you will work with a buyer's agent.  As a buyer, there is typically no fee. In a standard real estate transaction the home seller pays the commission to both the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. If you are selling your home you will hire a listing agent. In either situations you should do your homework and look for the best agent out there. 


Here are a few tips to find the right realtor for you:

 1.  Ask Your Friends

Ask your friends who have already purchased homes. How was their experience? Did they have a positive or negative experience with their agent? If they felt it was a good transaction, you know who to interview first. That brings me to my next tip.


2. Interview your prospects

This is a big deal. You’re hiring this person to help you through one of the largest investments you’ve probably ever made. You want to make sure this agent knows the business well and is familiar with the market you’re buying in. Most importantly, make sure you get along with them and make sure you both communicate on the same frequency. I’m a millennial so a lot of my clients and I text, and we’ll send listing links back and forth and yes sometimes memes and GIFs. If your agent is not a big “texter” and primarily communicates in a more old school fashion, that might not work for you. Just make sure you like the way they communicate, I can’t express that enough.


Now that you’ve chosen a realtor that really vibes with you and HAS GOOD COMMUNICATION, then you’re in good hands, now it’s time to get financing. Your agent will help you find a lender that they trust. Most agents have at least a few lender referrals who they’ve worked with. Your Realtor and Lender will stay in constant communication about your approval process. Click here to read about the approval process!

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