Step 8: Closing

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Now that we are nearing the end of your escrow period, it’s almost time for closing! At this point you should be finished with negotiations and your lender will likely have your loan underwritten.

A few days before closing, (sometimes day of) you will go to the title office and meet with an official notary** to sign all of your loan and title documents in person. This is especially important because your lender will need wet signatures on their documents. Your agent and lender should be at the signing to answer any questions during the appointment. Once all of your documents are signed and they are sent back to your lender for review and approval the lender will now fund your loan! Once funded the escrow company will release the deed to the county for official public recording, here in Sacramento it usually takes a few hours. Once you are officially on record with the county, you now own your home!! 

Congratulations new buyer, this is a huge deal. It’s time to meet your real estate agent at your new home to give you the keys! Now that wasn’t so bad was it? From start to finish, if you have someone on your side guiding you through the home buying process, it should be enjoyable and exciting. Always remember, when you’re looking for an agent to work with, go with your gut. Hey…I’m proud of you. 

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Sara Muir

**If you’re out of town the title company can set up a notary to meet you wherever you are, it’s very convenient!

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