Step 5: Writing An Offer

There are plenty of ways to write an attractive offer but getting creative can really work in your favor, especially in a multiple offer situation. 

First, you want your agent to find out as much info about the sellers as possible. For starters, what is their motivation for selling? Are they in a hurry? Maybe they need to sell but don’t have another place set up. Are they sentimental or maybe just looking for highest and best? How much interest and/or offers do they currently have? When are they reviewing offers?

These are all very important questions for your realtor to ask the listing agent. Sometimes it’s not always about the highest offer. If your buyers have limited funds and they can’t be the highest offer on the table, try writing a letter to the sellers. Tell them who you are and why you want their home. This has worked on multiple occasions for a lot of my buyers. It never hurts to write a letter!

Here is another example, if the sellers need to sell but don’t already have a replacement home lined up, you can offer a rent back and ask them to cover *PITI or if it’s an aggressive offer maybe even offer a free rent back. These are the type of questions your agent should be asking. 

There are a lot of ways to get creative, if your agent asks the right questions you should be in good hands. Just remember, if you want something bad enough, sometimes you have to fight for it. What’s it worth to you?

Now that you have an accepted offer, what’s next!? Click here for the Escrow Process

Written by Sara Muir

*Your monthly mortgage payment usually consists of your PITI which is your principal (the amount borrowed,) interest, property taxes and insurance.

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